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So what's going on here? It's Jouni's blog about IT stuff, mostly coding-related. The history of this content stream actually dates back pretty far; I've published my writings more or less regularly for several years now. Since my other blog (Lakiblogi, in Finnish only) became focused on law issues only, I was left without an easy publishing channel for this sort of things. The apparently growing role of IT and coding in my life is another reason for doing this now.
A short introduction is in order here: I'm Jouni Heikniemi from Finland, 25 years old at the moment of writing, and working for 1,5 weeks more as the New Media Manager for MikroBitti Magazine. Starting from 1st of August, I'll be working at Blue Meteorite Ltd. as a software architect. By heart I'm a .net man, but we all have dark sides in our character: I'm also one of the core developers of Bugzilla, The open source bug tracking solution (and damn, it's written in Perl!). Outside of the IT world, I'm a law and CS student at the University of Helsinki.
I'm not the guy who lives his life on the blog, so you're not supposed to expect a steady flow of postings about my vacations, relatives and life in general. I write when I have something to say, and usually for the purpose of conveying some tidbit of information. Oh, and why English instead of Finnish? Well, why not – everybody in the IT field will be sufficiently adept in English anyway, and this is one way to make the archives useful for a wider audience. Besides, it's good practice.
Without further ado, welcome!

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