MSDN Magazine 8/04 is out!

The articles for MSDN Magazine 8/2004 are out. Nothing particularly dazzling at this time, unless you're interested in SQL Server Reporting Services, Genetic Algorithms, Sharepoint,, and Windows Forms internals and, uh…
I guess I just summarized my main problem with MSDN Magazine: the breadth and depth of the articles in every freakin' issue is baffling. Although it's nice to have all that information sitting in your bookshelf even if you don't actively read all of it, month by month it's becoming harder – and not to mention more time-consuming – to digest even a fraction of the contents. But I guess this is the way things are now; or, as Joel On Software puts it: No developer with a day job has time to keep up with all the new development tools coming out of Redmond, if only because there are too many dang employees at Microsoft making development tools!"

July 20, 2004 В· Jouni Heikniemi В· Comments Closed
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