So what's up?

A two week period of silence has passed since my last posting. So what has happened? Well, I could say both "a lot" and "very little". Very little in the sense that I really haven't had much time for discovering new things, twiddling with new gadgets, creating new software – or even the blog world. A lot in the sense that I've learned tons of interesting things, mostly from the work/organizational psychology sector. Bought a new TFT display. For work, I've seen a couple of delivery deadlines, some interesting development projects and a very quick business trip to Northern Finland (with an ATR-72 propeller plane, geez).
I downloaded the SQL Server 2005 December CTP, picked up a book about it and started toying. Unfortunately that also lead to an uninstall/install chain of various parts of my system, including VC# Express and VS.NET 2005 betas… Subtrivial to get all that stuff back working.
So my plans for the rest of the year?
1) Deal with a couple more delivery deadlines at work
2) Get that VS.NET and SQL Server back to a working state and start playing
3) Push out all the new code I have for JHLib (including unit testing and stuff)
4) Clean up my notes on setting up a Continous Integration server (CruiseControl) and post them here
5) Start an series of blog posts on some code quality issues
If I actually make three of them, I'm extremely happy. Looks like a busy christmas coming. :-)

December 14, 2004 В· Jouni Heikniemi В· Comments Closed
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