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… but what if the pro is not always right?

Jason Mauss rants about clients who think they know something about web design. I agree with Jason in that web design in particular is a field where the bar for considering oneself an expert is considerably lower than for many other branches of business (say, architecture). It is obvious that the millenia-old roots of building […]

January 26, 2005 · Jouni Heikniemi · Comments Closed
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Code quality, part III: Manually number your enums

When using enumerations, .NET languages automatically assign the numeric values for your enums. For example: public enum MyColor { Red, Green, Blue } This yields an enum with the numeric representation of Red = 0, Green = 1, Blue = 2. All this is fine – the numeric versions don't really matter normally. But one […]

January 16, 2005 · Jouni Heikniemi · Comments Closed
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Using filesystemwatcher

I desperately needed to find out where Adobe Photoshop Album 2.0 stores its database files (damn software that doesn't allow configuring this!). Well, a quick search of the obvious places didn't reveal a thing, so I wrote a few lines of code to monitor the files being accessed. The following code is a trivial console […]

January 8, 2005 · Jouni Heikniemi · 2 Comments
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Powered by EOS

As a totally non-professional note, I bought a Canon EOS-20D. What an excellent way to cut down the time spent with mundane coding affairs! Good or bad? We'll see…

January 4, 2005 · Jouni Heikniemi · Comments Closed
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Code quality, part II: Proper exception handling

One critical part in good-quality code is the way it handles errors. Error handling is very rarely fun to write, but nevertheless, it's one of the things that your code gets judged by. Or, rather: proper error handling rarely gets praise from the end user, but the lack of one causes lots of irritation. The […]

January 1, 2005 · Jouni Heikniemi · 2 Comments
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