Up next: Boot camp

I'm going to spend tomorrow and Tuesday on a course called ".NET 2.0 Boot camp" which should pretty much cover everything Whidbey in two days (20 hours total). Of course, the truth is that only a handful of new features will be decently explored, but I look forward to it nonetheless. While playing with Whidbey's new class library is quite doable at home, try setting up a Visual Studio Team System test environment with all those required three servers. Nah… This is where I love people setting up the sandbox for me. ;-)
VSTS is definitely the part I most want to hear about. I haven't much touched it so far, but in 48 hours I expect to be considerably more knowledgeable. VSTS certainly marks a change in our set of possibilities – the only question is: is it too late for most of us? The industry has already selected other source control applications, work item trackers, unit test frameworks and whatnot. It'll be interesting to see if VSTS can win our hearts. For new businesses, it will certainly provide many interesting alternatives for arranging the daily processes.
If there's still anything left of me after this, I'll be sure to post a recap.

March 13, 2005 В· Jouni Heikniemi В· Comments Closed
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