So where have I been?

Sorry to have disappeared without proper notice! The fact is that I've been on summer holiday since 2nd July, and not blogging was one of the less conscious decisions I made back then. But in 67 hours I'll be back at the office with all the old routines and new challenges.
The holiday has been an interesting albeit quiet one. A couple of trips (one to Middle Finland, another one to Paphos, Cyprus) and quite a lot of just hanging around. Oh, we also picked up a new hobby: geocaching. Although I've spent quite a lot of time away from computers, I've also written some code on Whidbey. I'm more and more excited and looking forward to getting .NET 2.0 into production use. The coming fall with certainly be rich in this regard. I'll post more on this later on.
Right now, I'm off to the Assembly demo party to spend some of my last holiday hours. :-)

July 29, 2005 В· Jouni Heikniemi В· Comments Closed
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