As the fall progresses, some changes are beginning to affect my life. Finally, one might say! The most important of them is the fact that I'm slowly getting into the job I'm supposed to do. I've been the Chief Software Architect at our company for half a year now, but much of what I've been doing has still been linked with the past and the strains of everyday projects, thus leaving much of the real company-wide architecture planning into a side role.

That, I hope, is now changing in a more permanent way. The project tide is slowly turning away from me, and my focus – as well as the focus of my closest colleague, Sami – will now gradually shift more fully to the more generic productivity and technology issues within the company. What does this mean? In practice, we have three focus areas:

  • Company-wide technology strategy and product architectures
  • Discovering, supporting and teaching best practices in the company's current implementation projects
  • Software development processes, agile methods in particular

While all of this has been in our agenda for the last half a year or so, the forthcoming changes should provide us time to actually realize some of the thoughts we've come up this far. We expect it to be both fun and productive.

On another note, my fiancee Riikka is starting her new job tomorrow as a System Designer in TNS Gallup, a Finnish branch of TNS Global. All of this is new enough not to have made its way even onto her home pages ;-)

Flux indeed!

October 29, 2006 В· Jouni Heikniemi В· Comments Closed
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