"I could be so much better"

It seems to have become a common phenomenon to explain how much more you could do, how much better results you could produce, how much more talent you could expose… if you were only given the chance.

Stop whining and get to work. I'm not doubting you at all – I've struggled all my work life to carve myself a role that allows me to fully leverage my personal talents and to work the way I want to. I think I've come pretty close now, but it has taken several intermediate positions, some political work and most of all, swift, well-planned and courageous moves – including giving up or turning down a few management positions.

Proper casting – that is, the matching of people's talent and the requirements of different roles – is a key element of an organization's long-term health. Your manager should do everything he/she can to put your abilities into use and maximize your motivation. On the other hand, you are the specialist when it comes to your dream role, and it's just possible that casting isn't your manager's fort

October 31, 2006 В· Jouni Heikniemi В· One Comment
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  1. Jemm - November 1, 2006

    Well said! :)