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Jouni in Twitter, finally (?)

I managed two years by tracking Twitter activity via RSS feeds. It’s grown more and more painful lately, so I finally got myself a real Twitter client, TweetDeck. And through the mandatory registration, I’m now @jouniheikniemi, for better or worse. Given that I have absolutely no intention to start personal microblogging, feel free to follow […]

July 13, 2009 · Jouni Heikniemi · One Comment
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Our new books in July

A part of my job is being a librarian: I evaluate and buy new books for our company. Now that my monthly Amazon shipping arrived, I thought I’d use the inventory as a technology trend indicator ;-) Here are the titles for this month: Curtis, Keith: After the Software Wars: A former Microsofti programmer turned […]

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CodeRush Xpress and backslashes on a non-US keyboard

If you haven’t tried boosting your Visual Studio productivity with CodeRush Xpress, you might want a take look. But if you use a non-US keyboard layout, you’ll hit some problems. As announced last fall, Developer Express has made a free Visual Studio 2008 Addin available. CodeRush Xpress contains refactoring and code search, visualization and testing […]

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C# partial methods to the limelight!

C# 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005 introduced partial classes to the C# language. In the same rush partial methods appeared, but they have been far less heard of. What’s with those? Background: Partial classes Partial classes are a big part of the background for partial methods, so a short recap is in order. Skip to […]

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Visual Studio 2010 Lab Management Overview

In PDC 2008 it was announced that Visual Studio Team System 2010 would contain functionality for managing test labs. Most of us don’t have one, but should we care? What is a test lab? Test labs are groups of computers dedicated for the sole task of running test copies of your applications. In more advanced […]

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Kodu is out, get your kids coding

Microsoft has released Kodu (formerly known as Boku) for Xbox and limited PC distribution. It’s essentially a virtual world development environment for kids. The “programming” is done through logic primitives, which are assembled together through a graphical interface and the Xbox controller. Long Zheng has some pretty good screenshots, and if you want to see […]

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