Visual Studio 2010 delayed – but it’s not a bad thing

Yesterday, Soma announced that Visual Studio 2010 would be delayed for a few weeks (apparently from the original 22nd March 2010 launch date). But really, we should all be happy – we’re getting a February Release Candidate in return.

If you’ve followed the VS2010 lifecycle, you’ll already guess it’s the performance. If you’re interested and are not already following, start reading Brian Harry’s blog where the latest advances on the performance front have been pretty openly discussed.

This time, it’s a delay I definitely find appropriate. While VS2010 isn’t bad at all, its performance issues are a great risk. A Visual Studio release hasn’t been deemed a failure in ages, but with the problems beta 1 faced, VS2010 was bound to be the first in a long time. Addition of a Release Candidate and a small delay will hopefully help ensure that the course has been corrected.

Surprisingly, the public feedback to the delay seems pretty positive. The quality problems with the early betas actually seem to have woken people up to the fact that fixing the problems takes time. And for once, the feedback loop between the Developer Division and people having performance problems seems to be intact, including private test builds and all. Looks promising to me.

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