Windows Azure Content Delivery Network announced

Of the recent cloud news, I want to pick one item to highlight: The Windows Azure Content Delivery Network as announced by the Azure team on Thursday. I recently blogged about the Microsoft Ajax CDN being able to handle the distribution of your JavaScript. Microsoft certainly didn’t setup all that CDN infrastructure with no plan […]

November 9, 2009 · Jouni Heikniemi · 2 Comments
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The death of Live Services – what to expect?

By now the Windows Live oriented people have probably heard the news: the Live Services infrastructure, including Live Framework, is shutting down on next Tuesday. Live Mesh will stay online, but the developer CTP version will be discontinued – until it is merged with the Windows Live offering. A short history Announced in PDC 2008, […]

September 4, 2009 · Jouni Heikniemi · 7 Comments
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Windows Azure vs. Amazon cloud pricing

Day 2 keynote of WPC wasn’t as thrilling as the first one, but we got what we wanted: Windows Azure pricing. Plus a free few months, starting now. How’s that? The most important things first: The prices are available in Windows Azure team blog. There are also a few words on the Service Level Agreement […]

July 14, 2009 · Jouni Heikniemi · 11 Comments
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