My talk on ASP.NET and modern web development

On 18th January I was speaking in an HTML5 seminar arranged by Microsoft Finland (agenda in Finnish). Although my presentation was in Finnish, you can find a short link-annotated recap of the presentation – and links to the material – here. The material (partly in Finnish) My PowerPoint slide deck Demo #1: HTML5 Editor templates, […]

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In this first part of my series of postings on the project, I’ll discuss some design aspects of our use of JavaScript. We outlined these principles in the TechDays presentation, but the guidelines are worth repeating in print as well. What drove us to this? First, let us reiterate the project background and goals. […]

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Microsoft Ajax CDN distributes your JavaScript files

As the role of JavaScript on the web sites grows, the management of JavaScript files becomes more relevant. Content Distribution Networks aim to solve one part of the problem. Earlier on, Google and Yahoo have founded open content distribution networks, providing hosting for JavaScript files needed for web sites. The basic idea behind a CDN […]

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