Ray Ozzie’s Dawn of a New Day condensed

Microsoft’s soon to be ex-Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie is a great thinker. But he’s also very, very verbose, and his latest 3500-word memo called Dawn of a New Day is quite a bit to digest. Here’s my summary of it (plus a few comments). First, Ozzie iterates things that have changed since his Internet […]

November 1, 2010 · Jouni Heikniemi · 2 Comments
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Microsoft, Joomla, Hadoop – why are they even together?

Some might say hell has definitely frozen over. Microsoft has signed the Joomla contributor agreement, making them developers of one of the most popular open source CMS products. Oh, and it’s their most relevant GPLv2 contribution so far, too. Check out the post on the Joomla Leadership blog. It’s a fairly levelheaded and balanced discussion […]

May 4, 2010 · Jouni Heikniemi · 8 Comments
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.NET officially becomes a Windows component

Microsoft is making some aggressive moves by slashing support of .NET 3.0 and 3.5 (without SP1) a year from now, on April 12th 2011. But the real deal is that .NET is no longer a “major product”, but rather a component of Windows. Earlier versions of .NET were shipped as major products by the support […]

May 3, 2010 · Jouni Heikniemi · No Comments
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Software patents here again: Amazon paying Microsoft for use of Linux

As published yesterday, Amazon has agreed to pay Microsoft for the right to use the technology that their Linux servers (and Kindle) allegedly contain. You might go “What?”, but sometimes the real world just surpasses parody plays in terms of absurdity. Of course, we still have little information on whether Microsoft’s patent claims against Linux […]

February 24, 2010 · Jouni Heikniemi · One Comment
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Why is WebsiteSpark relevant?

Scott Guthrie of Microsoft launched a new program yesterday. Joining BizSpark for new software companies and DreamSpark for students, the new WebsiteSpark is intended to power up small web development companies. In a nutshell, this is WebsiteSpark: If you’re a small company (< 10 employees) building web sites, you get a bunch of licenses, training […]

September 25, 2009 · Jouni Heikniemi · 2 Comments
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Microsoft’s three-day WPC blaze recapped

WPC 2009’s main keynotes are behind us, and the dust is settling. Microsoft made the headlines three days in a row and created quite a buzz. So is the Redmond giant experiencing a new renaissance? What was announced? The amount of stuff Microsoft has pushed out during the three first days has been impressive. It […]

July 16, 2009 · Jouni Heikniemi · One Comment
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